Wayne County Office

428 W. Liberty St.
Wooster, OH 44691

Hours of Operation

8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.


County News

  1. Corn Silage Harvest Preparation

    Corn silage harvest is a critical time of year for dairy producers.  Within the space of a few days to a couple of weeks at most, a year’s worth of feed is chopped, hauled and stored.  Decisions made or not made, during that timeframe affect the quality of silage fed throughout the year.  Taking...
  2. Estimating Corn Grain Yield

    There are a number of cornfields in the Wayne County area that are at the milk and dough stage of kernel development.  Some of these fields look very good and others are showing symptoms of nitrogen deficiency as indicated by a lighter green plant color and/or firing and senescence of lower plant...
  3. Pumpkin and Hops Field Nights

    There are two separate OSU Extension field nights scheduled for Thursday, August 23.  Pumpkin production and management is the focus of Pumpkin Field Night at the Western Agricultural Research Station located at 7721 S.