Wayne County 4-H Beef Department


2020 Beef Calendar of Events

  • January 1st - Obtain and care for your steer(s) on or before January 1st
  • January 18th - Weigh-In / Tagging 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, Coliseum - Wayne County Fairgrounds
  • January 25th - Bad Weather Make Up Date for Weigh-In / Tagging (if needed) 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, Coliseum, Wayne County Fairgounds
  • March 19 - 22 - Ohio Beef Expo 
  • Enroll in 4-H through on.4honline.com by April 1st (note: clubs may set an earlier deadline)
  • April 4th - Attend Beef Clinic
  • June 1st - Complete Animal ID for all possible animals (including family back-ups) that you could possibly enter in the fair through 4-HOnline on or before June 1st.  Help sheets are available at wayne.osu.edu/help
  • Complete Quality Assurance Training by July 28th.  See Quality Assurance webpage for more details.
  • Skillathon - Dates / link to more information
  • Project Interviews - Dates / link to more information
  • OME - Dates / link to more information
  • Fair Entries - Make all Junior Fair Class Entries
  • August 27th - Beef Carcass Contest Live Show - Check-in at 6:00 pm, show begins at 7:00 pm in the Coliseum at the Wayne County Fairgrounds
  • August 31st - Beef Carcass Contest Results Show - 6:00 pm, Heffelfinger Meats International

Things to Consider Before Taking a Beef Project

  • Link to a new document we would make that lists these things out

Beef Project Books

  • The books listed below can be ordered through your 4-H club advisor, purchased directly from the Wayne County Extension Office, or ordered online at extensionpubs.osu.edu
  • Beef Resource Handbook (117R) - This one-time purchase contains essential subject matter information for members taking a market beef, beef breeding, beef feeder or dairy beef feeder project. An excellent resource for skillathons!
  • Beef Project and Record Book (117) - Complete this required project book every year a beef project is taken. This streamlined version of four previously separate publications allows for multiple projects and can be used by members at all levels. Use with 117R Beef Resource Handbook.

Beef Project Guidelines

  • 2020 Wayne County 4-H Beef Project Guidelines - published annually, this document provides an overview of the most important things youth and parents should know about taking a beef project including important dates, deadlines, animal id and junior fair information.  This document is usally updated each November or December with information for the new year.
  • 2020 Feeder Calf Lease Guidelines
  • Questions about Beef projects can be directed to your club advisor, Michael Goard at the Extension Office, or by contacting Beef Committee Chair Josh Harley.

Beef Animal ID Requirements

Beef Committee

  • The Wayne County 4-H / FFA / Jr. Fair Beef Action committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and carrying out the Beef program in consultation with and under the authority of OSU Extension and the Wayne County Agricultural Society (Senior Fair Board)
  • Our 2020 Beef Committee is made up of the following individuals: Josh Harley (Chair), Jeremiah Johnson (Vice Chair), Rhonda Oser (Secretary / Treasurer), Erin Lucci, Jenna Barbour, Adam Swinehart, Matt Stoll, Todd Bair, Kellie Mullet, Brent Harley, Doug Wirth, Greg Beckler, Stephen Heppe (FFA), Terry Wood (Senior Fair Board), Michael Goard (OSU Extension) and Junior Fair Board members Libby Grossniklaus, Carly Csapo, Gavin Snyder, Lane Beckler, Jadeyn Berry, and Kara McKay.

Beef Clinic

  • This year's clinic was planned for April 4th but cancelled due to COVID19
  • Insert clinic details such as topics to be covered, link to flyer etc.

Beef Carcass Contest

  • 2020 Beef Carcass Contest Letter - mailed out on May 13th
  • Beef Carcass Contest Results - shared via Facebook
  • Beef Carcass Contest Results video - shared via Facebook

Beef Project Completion Information

  • Everyone taking a Beef Project must complete either Skillathon or Interview Judging.  Due to COVID19 project book judging for 2020 was optional.
  • Skillathon
  • Interview Judging
  • Project Book Judging Rubric - Project books should be submitted to your club advisor for judging no later than

Outstanding Exhibitor Awards Program

Junior Fair Beef Information