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Things To Consider Before Taking A Dog Project

Think about how much space is required to house a dog at your home.  Do you have enough physical space and the proper shelter?  Do you already own a dog?  Are you aware of feed costs and and have you budgeted for them?  Are you prepared to invest the money and time involved in caring for, grooming, walking, and socializing a dog to prepare it for project judging and/or the Fair? Are the youth and parent(s), guardian(s), or other adult helper(s) prepared to make the time and financial commitment?  Dog projects can be a lot of fun and are great options for anyone that owns a dog or is interested in becoming a dog owner.

2022 Dog Calendar of Events

  • Enroll in 4-H through 4-H Online by April 1st (note: clubs may set an earlier deadline)
  • QA - will be offered May 2, 10, 18, and 26 @ 6pm virtually in 2022. Watch for your News & Notes for more information.
  • May 25 - Dog Informational Meeting - 7 pm Goat / Sheep Arena (DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG) Youth Parents, and Advisors should attend.  Quality Assurance, Question/Answer session, and other topcis to be presented.
  • June 1st - Obtain and care for your dog(s) on or before June 1st
  • June 1st -  Upload to 4-HOnline photos of the front and side view of your dog, completed Dog Health Form, and copy of your dog license certificate by June 1, 2022. Help sheets are available at
  • June 7 - Dog Obedience Clinic - 7pm Snyder Building, Wayne County Fairgrounds, please bring your dog
  • June 16 - Dog Showmanship Clinic - 7 pm Snyder Building, Wayne County Fairgrounds, please bring your dog
  • June 20 - State Fair Dog Show Entries due to Ohio State Fair, State Fair Agility Entries due to State 4-H Office
  • June 22 - Dog Rally Clinic - 7pm Synder Building, Wayne County Fairgrounds, please bring your dog
  • July 1 - State Fair Dog Show Poster Contest Entries due to State 4-H Office
  • July 6 - Dog Skills Clinic - 7pm Snyder Building, Wayne County Fairgrounds, please bring your dog
  • July 7 - Oustanding Dog Exhibitor Exam - 7pm Fairgrounds Event Center
  • July 7 - Project Judging - Event Center, Wayne County Fairgrounds, 5:00-9:00pm
  • July 11 & 12 - Skillathon Interview Judging - Skillathon Interviews will be held on July 11 & 12 @ 6:30 - 9:00pm, Event Center, Wayne County Fairgrounds
  • July 28 - Dog Fun Show - 6:00 pm Buss Hall
  • Complete Quality Assurance Training by July 27th.  QA will be offered May 2, 10, 18, and 26 @ 6pm virtually in 2022. Watch for your News & Notes for more information. 
  • August 1 - Jr. Fair Class Entries Due - Make all Junior Fair Class Entries by 11:59 pm at
  • August 9 - Late Project Judging - 6-9 pm at the Event Center, Wayne County Fairgrounds
  • September 15 - Wayne County Fair Dog Show - 8:30 am Goat / Sheep Arena
  • Click here to download a PDF of the 2022 Wayne County 4-H Dog Calendar of Events
  • Click here to download a PDF of the 2022 Wayne County 4-H Dog Clinic Dates

Dog Project Books

  • The books listed below can be ordered through your 4-H club advisor, purchased directly from the Wayne County Extension Office, or ordered online at
  • Dog Resource Handbook (201R) - This resource handbook contains essential information for members taking a dog project and includes everything from selecting a dog that's right for you, proper care, training techniques, dog anatomy, competition, and much more. Purchase it just once and use it for several years. Use with 201 Dog Project and Record Book
  • Dog Project and Record Book (201) - Complete this required project and record book every year a dog project is taken. Get to know all aspects of dog care and welfare while keeping complete records of your experience as a dog owner. Use one project book each year, even if your dog is involved in more than one project and even if you have more than one dog. Appropriate for dogs who are family pets and for dogs who are used for show. Use with 201R Dog Resource Handbook.

Dog Project Guidelines and Forms

Dog Animal ID Requirements

2022 Dog Animal ID Help Sheet - overview of how to enter Dog Animal ID in 4-HOnline and lists which fields and forms are required and which are optional.

Dog Clinics

The Dog Committee offers four clinics annually.  See dates above under Dog Calendar of Events. The first occurs in May and is an informational meeting and Dog focused Quality Assurance session.  Please do not bring your dog to the informational meeting.  However, dogs are welcome at the other three clinics - Obedience, Showmanship, and Rally.  Each clinic offers instruction from adult committee volunteers and opportunities to practice what is being taught. 

Dog Outstanding Exhibitor Awards Program

Dog Outstanding Record Book Awards

  • The Outstanding Record Book Awards are designed to recognize youth that take time to thoroughly complete their records books adding in details and financial, feed, and health records from throughout the entire project.  Youth wishing to have their record books judged should turn them in to the Extension Office by October 1st.  Awards are presented at the Fall 4-H Recognition Banquet.
  • Outstanding Dog Record Book Rubric

Dog Junior Fair Information

  • 2022 Pre-Fair Letter / Reminders
  • 2022 Dog Show Book

Dog Committee

  • The Wayne County 4-H / FFA / Jr. Fair Dog Action committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and carrying out the Beef program in consultation with and under the authority of OSU Extension and the Wayne County Agricultural Society (Senior Fair Board)
  • Our 2022 Dog Committee is made up of the following individuals: Ann Welby-Hange, Sara Wolf (Sec), Deanna Skelton (Chair), Alyssa Mack (JFB Advisor), Tiffany Pompey (Vice Chair), Christie Robertson, Carrol Way, Denice Wolf, Dave Stahl (Senior Fair Board), Diane Johnson (OSU Extension) and Junior Fair Boar Members Jo Bailey, Libby Grossniklaus, Olivia Haines, Mackenzie Hartzler, Lily Lehman, Carissa Pittman, Ben Rhoads, Garrett Troyer, Dan Vodika, and Madison Wade.

State 4-H Dog Webpage

  • Check out what all the Ohio 4-H Dog Program offers including information about the State Fair Dog Show

Wayne County 4-H Dog Projects Facebook Page

  • Be sure to join our Wayne County 4-H Dog Projects Facebook Page where we share reminders, announcements, and other educational content related to the 4-H Dog program.  Check us out on Facebook at: