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County News

  1. Summer Food Safety

    The fields are being planted, the grass is growing fast and the proms and graduations are in full swing.  Whatever milestones you enjoy with the change in seasons, I hope that you can be mindful in the observation of them.  The little things in life enrich the moments and allow us to savor the...
  2. Utilizing Lower Quality Forages in the Dairy Ration

    High quality forages typically drive the dairy ration and are the foundation for high milk production.  Currently, most dairy producers face a shortage of quality forage.  Many alfalfa stands suffered severe winterkill due to heaving.  Those stands are lost to production.  Other stands with less...
  3. Outdoor Activities Can Lead To Healthier Kids

    A colleague recently shared with me a really great info-graphic prepared by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that illustrates just how much of an impact being outdoors can have on kids and their health.  Here are just a few of the key facts illustrated by the AAP info-graphic: