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  1. Upcoming Events

    Mar. 08, 2022

    Below is a list of upcoming events offered through OSU Extension- Wayne County


  2. Publications Available for Purchase

    May. 05, 2022

  3. We're Hiring- Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Program Assistant

    May. 03, 2022

  4. The Financial Aspect of Alternative Forages

    Apr. 29, 2022

    A couple of weeks ago, I started discussing the ‘why’ behind alternative forages. No answer as to ‘why’ would be complete without at least a bit of conversation around the financial aspect of alternative forages. Are they cheaper to grow? More expensive? Do they increase the income over feed cost? Do they increase the cost of the ration? Dr. Ferriera also touched on this during his talk at the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference.

  5. Intellectual Wellness

    Apr. 29, 2022

    This spring a team of Family and Consumer Science Educators from around the state are promoting a variety of wellness topics in the form of an e-mail challenge.  I have found several of them very interesting and the following information was shared by my colleague from Fairfield County, Shannon Carter.  She and I are on several teams together and Shannon loves to teach Mindfulness, Resource management and building strong relationships.  While we often speak of nutrition or even financial wellness, but how many of us think about Intellectual Wellness?

  6. Cold Temperatures Forecasted to Impact Ohio

    Apr. 27, 2022

    Managing Fruit Trees and Horticultural Plants During Prolonged Exposure to Subfreezing Temperatures.

    A great article written by Frank Becker. Click the link below!

    Cold Temperatures Forecasted to Impact Ohio

  7. Food Preservation Webinar Series

    Apr. 20, 2022

  8. Spring Clean Your Finances

    Apr. 01, 2022

    With the spring showers reminding us that another season is upon us, I find the sound of rain refreshing, but the mud I could do without!  It does give me the opportunity to keep at the things at home that I might not have given as much attention to through the winter.  One of those was a reminder when a co-worker of mine, Melissa Rupp from Fulton County shared “Spring Cleaning Your Finances”, I hope you will find her suggestions helpful.

  9. Mixing it Up- All About Grazing

    Apr. 01, 2022

    Pastures are really greening up in this area of Ohio and producers are antsy to turn livestock out to enjoy the lush greenery. Winter annual weeds are still thriving, patiently waiting for their summer counterparts to start germinating. Perhaps you also frost-seeded clover into pastures to improve feed quality and to cut down on nitrogen applications. If that’s the case, weed control this year will be a different story.

  10. OSU Extension- Master Gardener Program

    Mar. 17, 2022