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  1. Meals On The Go: Plan, Slow Cook, Time, Delegate; Lentil Soup Recipe

    Feb. 01, 2023

    When cold winter weather is upon us, I find myself enjoying a plan to use appliances to have simple meals prepared when I come home at night.

  2. Plan Now For Frost Seeding Renovation

    Feb. 01, 2023

    Frost seeding is a low-cost option to renovate a pasture or hay field.

  3. It's Time To Get Rid Of Your Callery Pear Tree

    Jan. 25, 2023

    As of January 1, 2023, Callery Pear is now illegal to grow, sell, or plant in Ohio. This is a good move; it is just about 20 years late. 

  4. What's Your Five-Year Family Plan? Here Are Guidelines To Set One

    Jan. 25, 2023

    Where do you want your family to be in the next three or five or ten years?  If we don’t plan for how to get there, chances are we will be right where we are at the moment.  How do I set those goals?

  5. Benefits To Adding 4-H In The Schedule

    Jan. 25, 2023

    We all have busy schedules...So why would a family want to get involved with 4-H? All it does is add more pen on the calendar! Because of those life skills that 4-H teaches our kids!

  6. Now's The Time To Join 4-H!

    Jan. 17, 2023

    Join 4-H in 2023!


    My involvement in Wayne County 4-H from the time I was 9 through high school had a huge impact on my life and is a big part of why I went to college.  As we start 2023, I’m looking forward to sharing with you many of the great opportunities available to youth as members of 4-H and experiences for adults as volunteers of the 4-H program through this column.


  7. Upcoming Extension ANR Programs

    Jan. 17, 2023


  8. As Each Day Dawns, Be Mindful It Is A Gift; Set Attainable Goals

    Jan. 12, 2023

    2023 has started off to be a year to remember and we’ve only just begun.

  9. Starting A Food Business Webinar Series

    Jan. 11, 2023

  10. "Blast Off!" Active Parenting Virtual Classes

    Jan. 04, 2023

    Active Parenting Ages 5-12. begins January 9-12