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April 8, 2015 - 11:17am --

April 1st member enrollment deadline:  Members who enroll by this date are eligible to exhibit 4-H projects in the Wayne County Junior Fair. Members may enroll after April 1st and may participate in 4-H club activities, clinics, camp, etc. but are not eligible to exhibit 4-H projects in the Wayne County Junior Fair.

June 1st Ohio 4-H care and possession rule:  All animals exhibited must have been in the complete possession and continual care of the exhibitor on and after June 1st of the current year. The exception is steers and market poultry; the effective date of ownership is January 1st of the current year for steers and the poultry deadlines are listed in the Jr. Fair Book and the project guidelines. Ownership of an animal will be considered lost if after June 1st of the current year the animal has been consigned or sold through an auction or any other type of transaction, even if the exhibitor “buys back” his animal.

June 1st–all project changes completed: Any project changes must be made with the Extension office (either in writing or by phone) by June 1st. This includes correcting a member’s enrollment form. Projects cannot be added after April 1st, only changed within project areas below. After June 1st, no project changes will be allowed, as the State 4-H Office requires that all members have their projects selected and in their possession by then.

For an example, a member who enrolled by April 1st with a breeding sheep, but intended to sign up for a market lamb is able to contact the Extension office and make the change. If that same member signed up for a market hog project, but intended to sign up for a market lamb, he is unable to make that change.

Likewise if a member enrolled in “Snack Attack!” and wants to change to “Star Spangled Foods” (beginner to intermediate level cooking project) this is allowed. She would not be able to changefrom “Snack Attack” to “Let’s Explore the Outdoors.”