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February 23, 2017 - 2:09pm --

The last few months have been spent trying to create a schedule for the sheep and swine arena that accommodates all departments’ needs, while not infringing on our exhibitors’ rights to worship on Sunday and working for the betterment of our fair. Many ideas have come forward, plans have been made and plans have changed. At this time we can say a final decision has been made. 

On Monday February 20th, the Senior Fair board ruled that the 2017 fair schedule of events will not be changing to different days of the week from when they occurred in 2016. This decision is finalized for 2017.

This means that all the shows normally held in the Sheep and Swine arena will be in the same order and at approximately the same time they were held in 2016.

The only time changes for 2017 are that Swine Showmanship will start at 7:30 am (a 1/2 hour earlier) on Monday, September 11th and the Junior Fair Market Sheep show will start at 6:00 pm (or immediately following the swine show) instead of 3 pm as it was listed in the 2016 schedule.

Lastly, one other change is that the Junior Fair Coronation Ceremony will now take place on Saturday September 9th at 8 pm in the Carter Show Arena instead of 6 pm in the Pavilion as it has been for the last several years.

If you have any questions, please contact the Extension Office or Fair Board Office.