April 19, 2019 - 10:49am -- ferencak.2@osu.edu

The local Master Gardener Volunteer program in Wayne County is handled by Secrest Arboretum.  If you would like help identifying plants and receive answers for your horticulture questions and issues, Master Gardeners will be available to help you in person WEDNESDAYS from 10am – 1PM in the Secrest Welcome Center, 2122 Williams Road, Wooster.  (GPS is accurate).

Or Call: 330-263-3761,  or email:  waynemastergardeners@gmail.com 

Samples and plants may be dropped off at this location at other times during the week, and a Master Gardener will respond to you on Wednesdays.

More information about state-level Master Gardener Volunteer programs and activities is available at http://mastergardener.osu.edu.