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September 8, 2018 - 2:26pm --

To: All livestock exhibitors

From: The Wayne County Fair Board

Date: September 8, 2018 at 2:00 pm.


Based on current weather forecasts and in consultation with Wayne County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), Wayne County Sherriff, Wooster Fire Department and the National Weather Service we believe there is a high likelihood that parts of the fairgrounds will flood over the next few days.  While we hope that the weather forecast improves, we have been advised, and have concluded that it is in the best interest in safety and property preservation that livestock and other areas within the floodway are evacuated ahead of the need. 

This is an unprecedented decision and we realize that there is significant impact to all exhibitors.  We ask for your cooperation, patience and calm during this effort.  Please follow all directions of Law Enforcement, Emergency Personnel, Fair Board Directors, Fair Staff and Parking Lot Personnel.  We have time to complete this process before flooding occurs.

The schedule is based on the areas that flood first and will work to the East if needed. 

We are hoping for the best, while planning for the worst to protect our exhibitors and patrons.  Since the weather forecast is always changing, we hope that we can avoid cancelling shows on Sunday, as well as the rest of the week.  Please stay tuned to the Wayne County Fair Facebook page and Wayne County Fair website ( for updated information on shows and hopefully, when we can return to the Fairgrounds after the storms and resume our great fair!


“Vendor Campground” and “Car Exhibitors” – released at 1:30pm to go home OR to the former Shearer Equipment lot west of the fairgrounds.  Fair Board Directors/Staff will be there to facilitate parking…this will be a much more cramped condition so please bear with us so that we can provide the maximum amount of space for campers.  4H Campgrounds are higher elevation and should not be affected; however, if you so desire, you may take your camper out after 11pm tonight.

Beef and Dairy Steers – the Beef Committee will take possession of all market livestock and transport to an off site location to be fed out until the Thursday sale.  These livestock will be loaded out at approximately 7:00pm tonight.

Beef Breeding and Feeders – The owner will be responsible for self-transportation to the home location and can be led out to the race track after 7:00pm tonight.  Trucks/trailers will enter gate 3, travel around the track as directed, load and exit traveling in the same direction back to gate 3 and exit.

Jr. Fair Horses – Are released at 3:00 pm to go home.  Trucks/trailers will enter gate 7 and exit gate 8.  Long trailers can park on drive behind horse barns and horses may be walked out to load.  Tack may be removed IF it can be loaded quickly, otherwise return after midnight to remove. 

Dairy cattle – Are released at 11:00pm for self-transportation to the home farm.  ONLY two options for hauling.  Option 1 – come in gate 5&6, exit gate 4.  Option 2 – enter gate 3 and go around the track as directed, load on track and out gate 3 continuing in same direction.  Do not cross bridge with vehicles. 

Swine – Option 1 - hauled by the Fair Board and Swine Committee to Richland County Fairgrounds this will begin at approximately 3pm today.  Option 2 – self transport of animal to Richland County; however, these animals will leave last and exhibitor choosing this option runs the risk of not having the opportunity to leave grounds if a mandatory evacuation is ordered by Wooster Fire Department and Wayne County EMA.  Members will be advised of arrangements for further care, showing and sale of their animal.  It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to utilize the mass transportation option as we are trying to minimize excessive traffic on grounds.  If option 2 is selected, enter Gate 1 (Vanover Street) and exit gate 4.  If you desire to show, relocate it to the Richland County Fairgrounds as directed by the Swine Committee.

Draft/Mini-Horse - enter gate 3 and as directed on the track, load on track and out Gate 3 continuing in same direction.  Horses can be led out starting at 9:00pm.

Sheep, Goats, Rabbits and Poultry – will remain in place as these barns are on higher elevations and we will notify exhibitors if needed for the next steps if necessary.