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January 23, 2018 - 8:00am -- Anonymous

If you were asked, “How is 2018 going?”  What would you say?  What are you doing differently than you did last year?  Sometimes life has a way of causing us to pause and reflect, even when we may not need we think we need to.  Below are some suggestions from Ohio Buckeye Wellness that might prompt some thoughts, talk with your family and see what you are doing well and what things we might need to improve upon.

*Commit in 2018 to making “just one change” for your and your family’s health. 

*Be active 30 minutes a day 5 days a week to reduce your risk of chronic conditions and relieve stress.

*Eat light and eat often to boost your daily energy.

*Take slow (deep) breaths when stressed. Be mindful of how to relax and teach your children techniques that work for you.

*Sleep 7 to 8 hours a night to reduce your risk of chronic conditions, children need 12-13 hours of sleep.

*Watch less television to be more active.  Be selective about what is on, choose to watch certain programs then turn it off and choose to do something else, read, play a board game or tidy up before bedtime.

*Stop tobacco use to reduce your risk of cancer.

*Choose healthier snacks such as fruits, vegetables and nuts (almonds and walnuts are best for heart health).  Let your children help you prepare simple things in the kitchen, it’s a great way to learn life skills.

*Get your flu shot every year, even now it could be helpful.

*Sitting is the new smoking, sit less, stand more.  Find ways at work to stand and be aware of how much sitting you might do in the evenings at home.  Stand during commercials or try an exercise routine at home.

*Think positive thoughts to feel emotionally better and behave in healthy ways. 

*Have an attitude of gratitude, count your blessings daily!

*Sneeze and cough into your elbow to help stop the spread of germs, teach your children to do the same along with washing their hands for 20 seconds with lots of bubbles.

*Use a smaller plate when eating to reduce calorie intake.  Slow down when eating and enjoy the flavors while trying to make half your plate fruits and vegetables. 

*Make time for family and friends, both are so important in good times and when there are challenges.

*Drink water instead of soda or sugared drinks, at least 64 ounces a day is suggested for better health.

*Eat meals with your children at least 5 days a week.  It can help reduce their risk for substance abuse by 70%.

I’m guessing there’s at least one thing that we might choose to work on for the next couple of months.  When you get one thing accomplished, and then try another one.  Put this on the refrigerator or bulletin board at home as a reminder that we can work together to better our health.