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May 6, 2015 - 10:35pm --

4-H Members Be On The Lookout For Suspicious Items When Conducting Roadside Litter Pick Ups

Recently there have been several meth labs and dealers busted in Wayne County.  Some 4-H clubs conduct adopt a road or other roadside clean up efforts, please be careful not to pick up items that could be explosive or harmful.  The one that is most common is the One Pot sludge bottle.  This bottle is toxic and flammable and can ignite when moved.  The bottle is usually a two liter type of plastic pop bottle or Gatrodate / Powerade type of bottle with the label torn off.  The sludge is usually pink or off red type of color and kind of looks like wet sand.  If you come across suspicious items like these whether they are in a trash bag, duffle bag, or anything else, the best practice is to leave it alone and call the local law enforcement agency.