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February 9, 2015 - 4:32pm -- Anonymous

The Ohio dairy enterprise/farm business analysis summary 2013 report has just recently been released.   This is a project led by Dianne Shoemaker, OSU Extension Dairy Production Economics Field Specialist.   The report contains summary information from 35 dairy farms that participated in the 2013 Ohio Farm Business Analysis and Benchmarking Program. These farms provided detailed financial and production data in order to complete a whole farm and enterprise analysis for their dairy and crop enterprises.  All individual farm results and identities are confidential.  The report groups farms together to provide a summary.

A quick look across some of the results from those 35 herds shows that milk sold per cow ranged from 15,322 pounds to 30,759 pounds; feed cost per cwt of milk ranged from $7.54 to $16.28, total cost per cwt ranged from $14.30 -$27.50 and the net return per cow ranged from a loss of $515 to $2400.   Farms in the top 20% sold 26,812 pounds of milk/cow, had a feed cost of $11.31 per cwt of milk, a total cost per cwt of milk of $17.13 and had a net return per cow of $1,501.

To see the complete report, visit the Wayne County Extension web site and click on the OH Dairy Enterprise/Farm Business Analysis Summary heading in the left-hand column.


Are you interested in being able to put together a more complete financial picture of your dairy business?  Would you like to be able to have financial numbers to help you make planning decisions and/or focus your management efforts? The Ohio Dairy Farm Business Analysis, Ready, Set, Go! Program may be just what you are looking for.  The Ready, Set, Go! Program will help you:

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  • Identify additional information needed for a complete analysis and provide the tools for data collection.

Enrolling in the program will allow you to choose from classes, on-line webinars, or recordings along with personal assistance to guide you through the year from start to finish with a Farm Business Analysis.  The program cost is $100 per farm, which includes up to 3 on-farm consultations.  To enroll, or for more information contact:

Dianne Shoemaker, Field Specialist, Dairy Production Economics at 330-533-5538, email: