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February 9, 2015 - 4:23pm -- Anonymous

One of the top three goals for the year for many of us is to save more money in 2015.  That means that we choose to spend less and choose to save more with our everyday decisions.   Here’s a program that might help all of us become better savers.  It’s called America Saves, and Ohio is on board as a partner.

What is Ohio Saves?

Ohio Saves is a part of the national America Saves campaign – an initiative to help all people focus on saving money, reducing debt, and building wealth over time.  It is completely free.

Who is it for?

Ohio Saves is for ALL Ohioans.

Why Pledge to Save? What are the benefits to Ohio Savers?

Ohio Savers have access to resources and ongoing support to help them save money and reach their own savings goals! Like…

  • Access to online saving and tracking tools
  • Free subscription to quarterly American Saver newsletter via email with tips, tricks, and strategies for saving money and paying down debt
  • Free monthly e-mail newsletters with savings advice from national experts
  • Access to daily Facebook and Twitter posts with additional tips and tricks for saving money

How do Savers enroll?

Savers enroll online at or with paper enrollment forms available at some banks or in our office. For the go link use

I hope this will encourage all of us to be better at saving for our goals.  What are some ways I might look at saving money?  Read through these choices and see what ones might work for you and your family:

  • Save all of my change or all of one denomination like all of my dimes and nickels or quarters.
  • Save at least half of my income tax refund and use the rest to pay down my debt
  • Choose to bring my food from home for lunch and breaks instead of using fast food or vending machines
  • Save overtime pay instead of counting on it in my monthly budget
  • After making the last payment on a loan or credit card balance, pay your savings account

There may be other ways you’ve found to increase your savings and I’d love to hear your tips.  My e-mail is if you’d like to share. I’ll pass them along so that together, we can all be more prepared for the future!

Melinda Hill is an OSU Extension Family & Consumer Sciences educator and may be reached at 330-264-8722.