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August 25, 2020 - 8:00am --

Ohio State University Pipeline Study

Ohio State University is looking for farms to participate in a study to evaluate the impact of the Rover, Utopia and Nexus Pipeline installations. The metrics being studied include soil health and crop productivity. According to the research team, they will be evaluating crop yields and soil properties over the installed pipeline as well is in an unaffected, adjacent area. This will be accomplished by using yield maps, aerial imagery, and soil analyses. They are primarily interested in areas planted in grain crops in 2020 that are planned for grain crops again in 2021 but will also consider fields that were hayed forage fields. This does not include pastures. The research team notes that they prefer locations with previous year’s yield monitoring data and documented field history, although this is not required. They only plan to be on-farm 1-2 times per year over the course of the 2-year study. The farmers will be given full access to all the data collected on their land and a summary report of the findings at the conclusion of the study. If you are interested in participating, please email or call Theresa Brehm at or (614) 706-2037 or email Steve Culman at

Specialty Crop Growers Being Asked for Input

Dr. Guil Signorini, Research Scientist with The Ohio State University Department of Horticultural and Crop Science, is putting together a study about the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on specialty crop markets and operations. Dr. Signorini says that the purpose is to examine how different groups within specialty crops have been affected, and how different value chain channels were disrupted. For this study specialty crops are classified as vegetables, potatoes, melons, fruit, nuts, berries, flowers, bedding crops, nursery crops, food crops grown under protection, propagative materials, and mushroom crops. Ultimately, the intentions of this study are to generate new knowledge that will guide future extension outreach activities, and to quantify the impact in terms of production losses and reduction in sales.

This project is being led by researchers in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at Ohio State University with internal support. Eligible participants are owners and/or leading operators of specialty crop businesses within the state of Ohio. Participating in this study means sharing your personal experience while playing the role of a leading agribusiness owner/operator. You can complete the survey online or via a hardcopy. The hard copy can be mailed to you. The envelope will include a consent form with additional details about this study, the questionnaire, and a prepaid return envelope. Please make sure to sign and return the consent form along with the filled questionnaire if you decide to take part in this study. You can contact Dr. Signorini with questions or for more information by email at, by phone at (614) 292-3871, or by postal mail at 2001 Fyffe Rd., 225 Howlett Hall, Columbus, OH, 43210.


Frank Becker is an OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Assistant and IPM Program Coordinator.  He may be reached at 330-264-8722.


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