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February 1, 2016 - 8:44am -- Anonymous

This month I’ve chosen to focus on personal development, things that we look at in life and evaluate for what changes might be needed.  When we are a work in progress taking time to re-evaluate is important.  When we continually take in information without time to process it, to dissect it and absorb the pieces that benefit us, it becomes overwhelming. 

That’s where goals come into play.  Have you set your goals for 2016?  Have you thought about those things that in review you want to change and in your future you ponder how you are going to get there?   Life is a constant series of transitions and goals are the road map that help us from one stage or place to another.  In using a road map or GPS to your favorite vacation destination, you will have choices to make.   You can choose the scenic route, or the shortest time but ultimately you will get there because you know where you are going.  Deciding who will go with you, and how many stops there are along the way will impact the timing, but your goal is still in sight. 

As you plan 2016 goals, review what you have working in your favor and things that you want to change and then plan for where you want to be.  Here’s a guide to help put them into action, make your goals SMART:

Specific - not just to save money, but for example, to save $300 in 2016.

Measurable - how am I going to do this? Can you save $5.76 a week or is $25.00 a month easier?

Attainable - where are you going to take the money from in your budget?  Is it 2 cups of gourmet coffee or one fast food meal?  If you have a tight budget you need to see what you can give up, to make your goals work for you.

Realistic - How much do you want your goal?  Is it a vacation, a clear credit report or a savings account?  Am I really willing to work towards it, to make it happen?

Time-bound - by when are you going to achieve this goal, is it 6 months, 12 months or longer?  You might break long term goals down into shorter times to see progress.  Use pictures as motivation or even a chart to watch your progress through the weeks and months.

Make a list of all the things that you really want to do and when you hope to do them.  What needs to be in place for you to be successful?  Having a plan will help you enjoy life a little more! 

If you love to garden or enjoy the outdoors, here’s a great opportunity.  There is a Master Gardener’s class that will be beginning in March at Secrest Arboretum with 50+ hours of training.  There is an application and a fee of $150 to become a certified Master Gardener Volunteer.  If you would like to have more information check out or call Joe Cochran at 330-263-3761.

Melinda Hill is an OSU Extension Family & Consumer Sciences educator and may be reached at 330-264-8722.