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August 28, 2018 - 3:05pm -- Anonymous

Do you have a wellness goal you are working toward? If so, how are you doing with that goal? Healthy practices sometimes take a backseat in our lives due to busy schedules and the chaos of daily life. Here are some tips from OSU Extension Educator, Michelle Treber, that will hopefully nudge you to get back on track with your wellness goals:

  • Enjoy water at meals – not only will you save money while eating out, this helps you get increase your daily water intake.
  • Add a veggie or fruit snack to your day. Pack a bag of carrots, an apple, banana or mini cucumber to enjoy as a snack break.
  • When ordering a salad, ask for your dressing on the side and dip your fork into your dressing. You will save calories and it may help you slow the pace of eating. When you are finished, look at the amount of dressing left over. Any surprises?
  • Try flavoring your dishes with herbs and spices instead of sauces and high-sodium seasonings.
  • Take a walk at lunch. Start with 10 minutes. See if getting a quick walk in helps you feel refocused and energized. Add more time to your walk and see those benefits.
  • Set a timer (phone, watch, or computer) to get up and move every hour. See if this helps you stay energized throughout the day.
  • Pack a low-fat yogurt, (watch the amount of sugar in your yogurt),  to enjoy as a healthy snack. This will help you get the 3-a-day recommended servings of dairy.
  • Enjoy your pizza with extra veggies. If you love pepperoni on your pizza, make half veggie, half pepperoni and mix it up. We’ve transitioned to a veggie only pizza in our house.
  • Take a day and declare it “soda free”. Enjoy flavored water, tea, or other beverages. A few years ago, I made the decision that I wouldn’t drink pop anymore. It was a tough habit to break but sparkling water and tea helped me make this change.
  • Engage a friend for support. Tell a friend (email, text, in person, or on the phone) about your new health change and gain support. Stating the goal or change that you are making will help you stay accountable. It may even encourage them to make a change, too.

Still not sure where to start? Go to to check out some fantastic online tools! You can create a MyPlate Plan tailored to you in a few simple steps. You can even print your plan to keep as a reminder of your wellness goals. I like that the plan tells me how many cups of fruits and vegetables to eat each day. The MyPlate Plan even comes with an Action Guide with resources to help you reach your goals.

Meal planning is also a great way to help you stick to a healthy eating style. If it seems intimidating, start small, and work up to it. Map out your meals for the week, find balance in your food groups, make a grocery list, and plan dishes you can eat multiple times! Reaching any goal takes time, but making small, practical changes can help you achieve your wellness goals!