1. Gypsy Moth Damaging Area Trees

    Aug. 10, 2021

    The Wayne County Extension Office has received numerous calls this year about gypsy moth infestations affecting trees. Gypsy moth is a non-native, invasive species that is one of the most destructive pests impacting our forest and ornamental plants. Gypsy moth adults lay eggs in the fall, typically under the tree bark, where they overwinter. Then in the late spring and early summer, the eggs hatch and the caterpillars emerge and feed on trees such as oaks, pine and spruce, the latter two being favored by older caterpillars.

  2. Preparing for Back to School

    Aug. 10, 2021

    The days of summer are drawing to a close and many families are beginning to prepare for children heading back to school.   As I listen to conversations in the store about school supply lists, might I offer that this is a really good time to have a teachable moment concerning money and how we use it.  Here are some tips you might use before heading to the store to help children understand wants, needs, and the choices we make.

  3. Back to School Tips for Teen Drivers

    Aug. 03, 2021

    With all of the wet weather this year, for many it seems like summer has only just begun.  However, in a couple of weeks school will be back in session, which means many teens may be having their final summer fun before getting back into the routine of school. Since car crashes are the number one cause of teenage deaths, now is always a good time to remind teens about some simple but important safe-driving tips.

    Simple but Crucial

  4. Plant Now to Graze Later

    Aug. 03, 2021

    Fall and winter grazing seems a long way off as we take a peek at the forecast of warm and sunny weather. However, now is the time to start thinking about planting cool season annuals and winter cover crops to feed livestock in the cold months. Optimal planting time for these crops is in August to allow them to maximize yield before putting cattle or sheep on them in September or October.

  5. Packing School Lunches for Picky Eaters

    Jul. 26, 2021

    The start of the next school year is just around the corner, which means figuring out the routine all over again. One piece of that routine might include packing lunches, which can feel like a hassle sometimes. Yet a healthy lunch is important for a child’s growth and development. If you pack your child’s lunch or want to start, check out these tips adapted from OSU Wexner Medical Center on what to include and avoid.

  6. (Backyard) Bird is the Word - Raise Your Own Little Chicks

    Jul. 26, 2021

    I hate to keep bringing up a sore subject, but the coronavirus pandemic sparked a nationwide interest in backyard poultry flocks. Quite frankly, I am a huge fan of the gig – fresh eggs, roaster chicken (if meat birds are your thing), and of course, colorful birds plucking around the coop or yard. In a rural setting, having backyard birds isn’t an issue. However, if you’re in an urban or suburban area, you’d have to check with the city or township to make sure having a couple of chickens is allowable in your backyard.

  7. Rain, Rain, Go Away, Right On Down the Ditch and Drain

    Jul. 20, 2021

    It’s not a surprise to anyone that last week was a little wet. Okay, maybe a lot wet. Most folks I talked with reported no less than 2 inches of rain in a day of torrential downpours. For a 10-acre farm, that equates to 543,080 gallons of water! I won’t even mention the volume for larger tracts of land (hint: a 250-acre farm breaks 10 million gallons). Where is all that water going?

  8. Easy Home Food Preservation

    Jul. 20, 2021

    Interested in preserving foods at home but don’t know where to start? You might be surprised to learn there are a variety of food preservation methods – canning, drying, freezing, and fermenting, to name a few. There are several methods that require little equipment which makes it easier to try out food preservation without spending lots of money.

  9. Making Time for Family Vacations

    Jul. 13, 2021

    July is a month where many are looking forward to time away from work, a vacation that can be arranged with family and/or friends.  I found some information that got me to thinking about how I approach vacation time and I hope you will find it helpful as well.

    On average, most Americans only use half of their vacation days citing work as the reason they can’t get away and 75% of the population don’t use all of their vacation days.  I hope by the time you finish with this article you might change your mind and/or approach about taking time away from work.

  10. Japanese Beetles - Little Beetles with Big Appetites

    Jul. 13, 2021

    This past week I have been asked several questions regarding Japanese beetles.  Typically, Japanese beetles emerge around the last week in June.  This year, earlier emergence can be attributed to our warmer than average temperatures that are causing growing degree days (GDD) to be accumulated at a quicker rate than most years.  Plant and insect development are both correlated with growing degree days.  At any rate, expect to see increasing numbers of Japanese beetles in the landscape over the next several weeks.