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  1. Meet Your Best Friend In Weed Control In Pastures, Hayfields

    May. 14, 2024

    Two common weed questions we get this time of year concern poison hemlock and “that yellow weed in my fields” which is cressleaf groundsel

  2. For Those Who Need To Scout Weevil, Here's How To Do It

    May. 07, 2024

    It is that time of year again that we encourage growers to begin scouting their alfalfa fields for alfalfa weevil pressure

  3. Rhubarb Is The Vegetable That Acts Like A Fruit

    Apr. 30, 2024

    When thinking of spring foods that aren’t readily available at other times of the year, what comes to mind?

  4. Farmers: Focus On Small Grain Silage Harvested, Stored Properly

    Apr. 30, 2024

    It won’t be long before the triticale and barley are ready to be relocated to the bunker

  5. Organic Matter Key In Soil Health - Here Are Signs To Look For

    Apr. 23, 2024

    When it comes down to being able to measure or assess soil health, there are a variety of ways it can be accomplished

  6. Key To Alfalfa Growth Is Weed Control; Start Sooner Rather Than Later

    Apr. 16, 2024

    Alfalfa seed isn’t cheap, and a lot of preparation and prior planning go into establishing this valuable crop

  7. It's Spring Cleaning Season, Which Can Clear Mental Cobwebs, Too

    Apr. 16, 2024

    All that scrubbing, sorting, and decluttering is doing more than sprucing up our houses - It boosts our mood and enhances our mental health

  8. Common Plant Names Cause Common Misconceptions

    Apr. 11, 2024

    Some very beneficial native plants can easily be confused with highly invasive non-native plants simply because of overlapping common names

  9. Jam-packed Schedules Can Impact Mental Health

    Apr. 11, 2024

    When we learn to only schedule up to 60 percent of our day, we have room for the unexpected

  10. Key To Corn Success Is Getting It In The Ground Properly

    Apr. 11, 2024

    Soybeans are much more adaptable to stress, but corn can’t have a bad day