1. Jan. 13th Beef Weigh-In Rescheduled to Jan. 20th

    Jan. 12, 2018

    ATTENTION: The Beef Committee has made the decision to delay the tag-in until January 20th!

    We hope everyone stays warm and safe while Mother Nature brings the ice and snow!

    Remember All Beef Steers, Dairy Steers, Market Beef Heifers, Beef and Dairy Carcass Steers/Heifers

    MUST NOW BE TAGGED AND WEIGHED ON Saturday, January 20, 2018
    at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Coliseum
    10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

    Members need not be present, however, calves not tagged and weighed at the county check-in on January 20 will not be eligible for Wayne County Junior Fair...

  2. Wayne County 4-H Bus Trip to Ohio 4-H Conference and Plowboy Prom

    Jan. 09, 2018

    4-H members, parents, and advisors are invited to join us for a bus trip to the 2018 Ohio 4-H Conference and Plowboy Prom to be held Saturday March 10th in Columbus.

  3. Upcoming Agriculture Programs and Events

    Jan. 02, 2018

    2018 Ag Outlook and Policy Meeting

    International trade agreements and renegotiation of trade agreements, discussions on the 2018 farm bill, a new tax bill;  Each of these topics has implications for the farm economy and quite possibly for on-farm management decisions in 2018.  Get the latest information about these and other timely topics at the 2018 Ag Outlook and Policy Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 31 at Fisher Auditorium on the OARDC campus in Wooster.

  4. Smart Goals

    Dec. 26, 2017

    Many of you are taking a deep breath, as your holiday activities are over, and others are just getting ready for another run for the weekend.  As we pause for a little reflection over the events of 2017, if yours are like mine, not everything turned out the way you planned.  As we review the good things that came to pass and the areas where we might improve, that’s where our New Year’s resolutions come from.  What am I going to change in 2018, so that I either keep improving on what happened this year, or what I want to keep from happening again?

  5. Colostrum Management for New Born Calves

    Dec. 26, 2017

    Getting enough high quality colostrum into a new born calf is the number one priority for the dairy farmer seeking to minimize calf death loss, improve calf health and positively affect future milk production.  Colostrum is the first “milk” produced after calving and contains maternal antibodies, called immunoglobulins, often referred to as IgG’s.  In addition, colostrum has a high content of protein, energy and vitamins.  Calves are born with an immature or non-active immune system because antibodies are not transferred across the placenta in cattle pregnancies.  At and immediately after...

  6. December 2017 4-H News and Notes

    Dec. 22, 2017

    Check out the December edition of the Wayne County 4-H News and Notes e-newsletter.  This edition contains a season's greeting message from the 4-H team, a reminder about background checks, Junior Leaders meeting at Ron Grosjean's farm, and a link to the 2018 Beef Project Letter.   This edition of News and Notes also includes an announcement about 3 new special committees being formed.

  7. Mindfulness - Are you ready for Christmas?

    Dec. 19, 2017

    Is it the calm before the storm?

  8. 2018 Farm Financial Management School

    Dec. 19, 2017

    A 6-evening farm financial management school (FFMS) is scheduled for Monday evenings in January and February beginning the evening of January 15 and running consecutively through February19.  The 2018 FFMS will focus on teaching participants how to develop and use core farm financial documents and statements.

  9. Dicamba Technology 2018 Training Requirement

    Dec. 19, 2017

    I have had several questions recently about the new training requirement for the dicamba technology products.  Below is information provided by OSU Extension Weed Specialist Mark Loux, along with trainings in our area that I know of at this point.

  10. Mindfulness - Are you ready for Christmas?

    Dec. 12, 2017

    Two weeks from today is Christmas, are you ready?  I’m guessing each of us has a different answer and there’s no right or wrong.  What I might encourage is not to forget the reason for the season and what kind of messages we are sending to our families.  I enjoy some of the hustle and bustle, as there are just move activities to choose from this time of year.  Community concerts, school programs and activities and faith based events are all added to the extra tasks of shopping, decorating, baking, and planning for meals or traveling.  But, it also might be a good time to revisit some of...