1. September Impact Statement

    Oct. 13, 2017

    September Impact Statement

  2. Roadway Safety During the Harvest Season

    Oct. 10, 2017

    Keep safety in mind when traveling with tractors and harvest equipment on roadways.  Dee Jepsen, OSU Extension Agriculture Safety Leader offers the following tips:

    Lighting and Marking requirements:

    The Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) Emblem is required by Ohio law on all pieces of farm machinery and implements of husbandry. Additional requirements for the emblem are:

    • It is visible to the rear at 1000 feet,

    • Mounted with the point up, and no more than 10 degrees off vertical placement,

  3. Standing Can Better Your Health

    Oct. 10, 2017

    The beauty of fall is all around us, but how many hours do you get to be outside to enjoy it?  I’m on a committee to plan a professional development conference in November and one of the program goals, really got my attention.  I love to learn new things and I really enjoy conferences, but the part I don’t like is how much time is spent in a chair.  Here are some facts they sent, so we could consider alternative options, I found them really interesting. 

  4. Make Plans for Fall Weed Control

    Oct. 10, 2017

    The fall harvest season offers an opportunity to make note of problem weeds, and fields where weed control did not meet expectations.  The next step is to make plans to use this fall as an opportunity to control some problem weeds.  Fall is a good time to use herbicides to control problematic perennial, biennial and winter annual weeds because those plants are moving carbohydrates down into their root systems as part of the overwintering process and so herbicides are also translocated to the root system.  This week Mark Loux, OSU Extension weed specialist offers the following...

  5. Wayne County Extension offers programs for fall

    Oct. 06, 2017

    Check out all of the programing happening the rest of the year. Click here to view the flyer!

  6. Fall Manure Applications and Cover Crops a Good Fit

    Oct. 03, 2017

    This week, Glen Arnold, OSU Extension Manure Management Field Specialist, makes a case for planting cover crops as a component of manure application and nutrient management:

    Fall manure application is underway across the state. Livestock producers and commercial manure applicators are applying manure to fields following corn silage harvest and will soon be applying to harvested soybean and cornfields.

  7. Buckeye Poisoning in Beef Cattle

    Oct. 03, 2017

    A colleague of mine located in Morgan County recently experienced a situation where several of his beef cows became quite ill, displaying inability to get up on their own and lack of muscle coordination.  Working with his veterinarian to diagnose the cause of the problem and investigating his pastures, he finally concluded that the cause was most likely buckeye poisoning.  Although it is our state tree, the buckeye is considered a poisonous plant, especially the nuts.  To make matters worse, it appears the buckeye nut crop may be more abundant than usual this year.  The entire article...

  8. Thanks for a Great Fair!

    Oct. 03, 2017

    There are so many people to thank for so many things they do that go into making our Wayne County Fair such a great fair.  I am sure this article will not begin to come anywhere close to thanking everyone that helps make the fair so wonderful, but at least from my perspective as the Wayne County 4-H Extension Educator and Jr. Fair Superintendent, here are a few of the many key people that deserve special recognition and appreciation.

  9. Prepare Grain Bins for 2017 Harvest

    Sep. 29, 2017

    The 2017-grain crop harvest is beginning.  Low crop prices and tight profit margins have made grain storage an important component of marketing plans.  Keeping grain in good storage condition begins with grain bin preparation and sanitation.  The number one principle advocated by grain storage specialists is never store new grain on top of old grain.  Remove old grain and clean bins before storing new grain.  Curtis Young, OSU Extension educator in Van Wert County, provides the following recommendations regarding cleaning and preparing bins for the 2017 harvest.

  10. Fair Wrap-up and Tailgating

    Sep. 26, 2017

     “Many hands make light work” takes on a new meaning when we consider the thousands of volunteers who give of their time during fair week. I’d like for you to consider volunteering with the committees of both junior and senior fair so that the many events that you enjoy, may continue.   The demonstrations in the Grange Rotunda were successful, though I still need to work on publicity to invite more people to join us.  Here are a few things that I learned from our speakers this year: