The 2018 Farm Bill provides commodity crop producers with options to choose between enrolling in a Agriculutural Risk Coverage (ARC) or a Price Loss Coverage (PLC) program.  The farm bill allows commodity producers to make a program election for the 2019 - 2020 years by March 15 of 2019 and then a yearly program election for the following three years of the 2018 Farm Bill.  The March 15 date is an important date for commodity producers because if enrollment in an ARC or PLC program is not made by this date, no program payment will be made to the producer in 2019 and teh 2020 program decision will default to the program choice the producer made during the 2014 farm bill.

          While the ARC and PLC programs are very similar to what was offered in the 2014 farm bill, the programs have had some minor adjustments that producers need to be aware of when making a program choice.  However, the more important factor is that our current cropping and market situation is very different than when producers were making a decision under the 2014 farm bill.  OSU Extension, Wayne County in collaboration with Wayne County Farm Service Agency (FSA) has scheduled two meetings to discuss the 2018 farm bill ARC/PLC program decision.  During the meeting producers will receive information about the programs as well as the factors and scenarios that need to be considered when making an enrollment decision for the 2019/2020 crop years.  Decision tools developed by the Ohio State University and the University of Illinois will be demonstrated so that participants can leave the meeting with some knowledge of  how to use the tools to plug in their information and make a program decision.  Dates, times and locations of the meetings are listed below, along with a link to a flyer for more information:

December 5: 10:00 am.  Wayne County Administration Building, Commissioners Meeting Room:  Flyer for December 5 ARC/PLC Farm Bill Meeting

January 7: 1:00 pm.  Wayne County Administration Building, Commissioners Meeting Room:  Flyer for January 7 ARC/PLC Farm Bill Meeting

January 13: 6:00 pm.  Wayne County Administration Building, Commissioners Meeting Room.  Flyer for January 13 ARC/PLC Farm Bill Meeting

More information about the 2018 farm bill including details about the ARC and PLC programs, along with links to decision tools is available on the OSU Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics.  Click on the link:

Contact the Wayne County Extension office at 330-264-8722 if you need help or have questions about the OSU farm bill web site, or have questions about using the ARC/PLC program tools.