Given our current grain crop market situation, grain storage is an important component of a marketing strategy.  Grain storage always involves moisture management.  This year there are reports of limited storage capacity at some local elevators due to 2017 crop still in storage and expected large crop yields.  The same situation may exist on farms as well.  The result is that there is a need for temporary grain storage options.  Below are links to some grain storage articles and publications that deal with temporary grain storage options, general grain storage and management of stored grain.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Wayne County Extension office at 330-264-8722 or send an email message to OSU Extension Ohio Ag Manager article on alternative grain storage option considerations

Temporary Grain Storage: North Dakota State University publication AE-84 by Kenneth Hellevang

Grain Drying: North Dakota State University publication AE-701 by Kenneth Hellevang

Grain Storage: Climate Inside the Bin:  Article from South Dakota University Extension

Keeping Grain in Good Condition Through the Winter: October 2017 Purdue Pest and Crop Newsletter article