NOW is the time to plan for the OSU Extension Wayne County IPM program to come and visit your farm in the summer of 2019.

For more information about Wayne County IPM program - WATCH THIS VIDEO


IPM is Integrated Pest Management that focuses on pest and disease prevention in agricultural and horticultural areas. When infestations are present and require immediate intervention, the safest and most effective methods available for the situation are chosen. By first of all, correct identification of the pest or disease a recommended implementation and then a follow up to see how this has worked to eliminate the situation. New infestations can be controlled best if spotted early and with IPM, pest populations are regularly monitored using traps.

Because IPM focuses on prevention, it provides more effective, long-term control than a reactive, spray-based approach to pest control. It also reduces the need to use pesticides and encourages the use of resistant varieties, crop rotation, cover crops and keeping beneficial insects as all a part of the IPM growing process.

Our IPM Program does include (for a fee):

  • Weekly visits to your farm
  • IPM scouting for each of your crops includes insect pest and disease identification, and monitoring
  • Catch problems early on
  • Saving you money because of knowing ahead of time what is going on in your crops- and not having to spray unless you need to.
  • Get information customized for your farm
  • Weekly recommendation sheet telling both Organic and Conventional products to use as control measures.

2019 Fee Schedule 

2019 Brochure about the IPM Program

If you would like to partcipate in the program, please contact us or fill out the enrollment form and return it to our office by February 28, 2019

Become an IPM Scout - We're hiring!

For more information contact Chris Smedley, program assistant AG/NR-IPM