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Livestock production in an important part of agriculture in Wayne County. According to Ohio Department of Agriculture statistics, Wayne county ranks #1 in all cattle and calves, #1 in dairy cows, #3 in sheep and #9 in hogs. This page provides helpful links to livestock production information.


Buckeye Dairy News Heat Stress Abatement Techniques for Dairy Cattle
Ohio Dairy Industry Resources Center  Dairy Heifer Nutrition 101 (Webinar)
Water Effects on Livestock Performance Nutrition, Immunity and Mastitis
Free Stall Stocking Density Dairy Policy in the New Farm Bill 
Using a Pasture Stick to Measure Pasture Growth Calcium
Dairy Calf Useful Information
Calving Management in Dairy Herds: Timing of Intervention and Stillbirth Rumen Development in the Dairy Calf (Webinar)
Feeding the Newborn Dairy Calf

Dairy Colostrum 101 (Webinar)



OSU Extension Beef Team Website Using a Pasture Stick to Measure Pasture Growth
Scoring Cows Can Improve Profits Using Corn for Livestock Grazing
Beef Herd Health Manure Managment on the Beef Farm
Grass-fed Beef Production Common Sense Estrus Synchronization in Beef Cattle
Common Diseases of Grazing Beef Cattle Understanding EPDs and Genomic Testing in Beef Cattle
How to Manage Fly Pests in the Cattle Herd Minerals for Beef Cows
Calf Useful Information
Calving Season Preparation Rumen Development, Don't Wean Calves Without It!
Early Weaning Calves Colostrum and Calf Productivity: A Review

Sheep and Goats

Ohio Sheep Team - OSU Extension Ohio Sheep Improvement Association
Maryland Small Ruminant page Breeding Season Preparations for Sheep and Goat Producers (Webinar)
What Do Fecal Worm Egg Counts Tell Us? Strategies for Coping with Parasite Larvae on Pastures in the Springtime in Ohio
Healthy animals produce healthy food- Antibiotic use in the sheep, goat, and livestock industry Do Your Sheep Receive Optimal Nutrition?
Do Your Sheep and Goats Have ID Tags? Body Condition: One More Evaluation Tool
Using a Pasture Stick to Measure Pasture Growth Use of a Brown Mid-Rib Sorghum x Sudangrass Hybrid in a Small Ruminant Parasite Control Program


Lambing/Kidding Information
Pregnancy toxemia in ewes and does Improving Newborn Lamb Survival
Practical Solutions to Increase Lamb and Kid Survival (Webinar)  



Pork Information Gateway National Pork Board
Considerations for Protein Alternatives in Swine Reproduction in Swine - Understanding the Estrous Cycle for Herd Management
Disease Prevention on the Farm Methods of Supplying Nutrients to Swine
Trace Minerals and Vitamins for Swine Diets  
Winter Housing for Swine Welfare  



Ohio Regional Equine Information Network System (REINS) OSU Department of Animal Sciences - Equine Program
The Gastrointestinal Tract of the Horse The Role of Micronutrients in Equine Nutrition
The Role of Macronutrients in Equine Nutrition Common Equine Pasture Forages
Understanding and Managing Equine Parasites (Webinar) Dismiss the Myths: Fly Control on Equine Facilities (Webinar)
Using a Pasture Stick to Measure Pasture Growth Plants Toxic to Horses