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Livestock producers have a responsibility to manage and use manure correctly, valuing the nutrients contained in manure.  Ideally, all livestock producers will have a nutrient management plan that guides their use and application of manure.  Good manure management involves integrating soil testing, crop yield goals, manure nutrient analysis and manure spreader calibration, along with field moisture, cover, and weather forecast to make application decisions regarding rate and timing.  The following links to resources are provided to help with manure management.  For more information contact the Wayne County Extension office at 330-264-8722.

Manure Sampling

Manure Sampling for Nutrient Management Planning: Penn State Extension

Sampling Dairy Manure: UMass Extension

Manure Analysis Interpretation

Interpreting Manure Sample Results: OSU Extension

Manure Spreader Calibration

Manure Spreader Calibration: Penn State

Dairy Manure Spreader Types and Calibration: UMass Extension

Calibrating Liquid Manure Tank Applicators: Iowas State University