The USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) has issued several exceptions to standard rules for prevented plant acres.  Two major exceptions for 2019 only include a provision to allow a cover crop planting on prevented plant acres to be harvested as a forage crop (baled, chopped, baleage, grazed) after September 1 and and an exception to allow corn as a cover crop on prevented plant acres.  The bottom line is that anyone filing a prevented plant claim needs to have conversations with your crop insurance agent and crop adjuster.  Make sure you understand their requirements for prevented plant acres to make sure you get a check issued.  Make sure you file a crop report with the Farm Service Agency regarding your crop acres and intentions.  Both the insurance conversation filing a claim for prevented plant acres and the FSA reporting have July 15 deadlines.

          Below I have included links to some good sources of information regarding cover crop as forage options. OSU Exension CORN newsletter article on using corn as a cover crop

Summer Forage Production Options, July 2019  Fact sheet by Bill Weiss, Extension Dairy Nutrition, Mark Sulc, Extension Forage Specialist, Dianne Shoemaker, Dairy Production Economics Field Specialist, includes warm and cool season forage options with planting dates, estimated yields, and estimated forage quality OSU Extension CORN newsletter article on the use of oats as a forage crop.  May be the most economical option. Annual Forage Agronomic Guidelines and Characteristics.  A one page document by Mark Sulc, OSU Extension Forage Specialist.  Includes seeding rates, planting depth, timing, expected DM yields and forage quality. Video link of June 27 Managing Prevented Plant Acres meeting in Ada, OH, provided by Ohio Ag Net.

Filling the Gap with Forages: Handout of cover crops as forages on prevented plant acres presentation by Rory Lewandowski at July 3 programs in Paulding and Williams Counties. You tube recording of cover crop as forages on prevented plant acres presentation

NRCS Appendix A Cover Crop Practice Guide: Includes USDA-NRCS Standards for cover crop practices including seed quality standards,recommended species, planting rates, dates, and purpose/use of cover crop USDA RMA prevented planting frequently asked questions Midwest Cover Crop Council, cover crop options for prevented planting OSU Extension clearing house web site to provide answers/resource to common and frequently asked questions regarding the Market Facilitation Program, Use of cover crops on prevented plant acres, farm stress and more.  Also allows for submission of questions.