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Things To Consider Before Taking A Swine Project

Think about how much space is required to house a market hog.  Do you have enough physical space and the proper shelter?  Are you aware of feed costs and and have you budgeted for them?  Are you prepared to invest the money and time involved in caring for, grooming, and walking a market hog to be ready for the fair? Are the youth and parent(s), guardian(s), or other adult helper(s) prepared to make the time and financial commitment?  Swine projects are very rewarding but can also be time intensive and somewhat expensive.

2024 Swine Calendar of Events

  • Enroll in 4-H through 4-H Online by April 1st (note: clubs may set an earlier deadline)
  • May 1st - June 1st - Tags are available for pick up from the Extension Office - Monday - Thursday 8 am - 4:30 pm
  • June 1st - Obtain and care for your project animal(s) on or before June 1st
  • June 1st - Complete Animal ID for all possible animals (including family back-ups) that you could possibly enter in the fair through 4-H Online on or before June 1st.  Help sheets are available at
  • June 1st - All hogs must be tagged
  • July 9th - Oustanding Market Exhibitor Exam - 5-9 pm, Fairgrounds Event Center, See the Outstanding Exhibitor page for more information.
  • July 10th - Skillathon Interviews - check our Skillathon page for more information.
  • Complete Quality Assurance Training by July 24th.  QA will be offered in person. See the Quality Assurance page for more details.
  • August 1 - Jr. Fair Class Entries Due - Make all Junior Fair Class Entries by 11:59 pm at
  • September 5th - Swine Fair Check-In / Weigh-In - 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Swine Barn
  • September 6th - Swine Fair Check-In / Weigh-In - 8:00 am - 9:00 pm, Swine Barn
  • September 9th - Swine Showmanship Show - 8:00 am - Event Center
  • September 10th - Market Swine Show - 8:00 am - Event Center
  • September 12th - Swine Auction - 8:30 am - Event Center

Swine Project Books

Swine Project Guidelines and Forms

  • 2024 Wayne County 4-H Swine Project Guidelines - published annually, this document provides an overview of the most important things youth and parents should know about taking a dairy project including important dates, deadlines, animal ID and Junior Fair information.  This document is usally updated each November or December with information for the new year.
  • 2024 Swine Bred, Born, and Raised Form - Due June 1st
  • Questions about swine projects can be directed to your club advisor, Diane Johnson at the Extension Office, or by contacting Swine Committee Chair Jody Bair.

Swine Animal ID Requirements

Swine Animal ID Help Sheet - overview of how to enter Swine Animal ID in 4-HOnline and lists which fields and forms are required and which are optional.

Swine Clinic / Educational Resources

  • March 16th Clinic - Northwestern FFA Chapter Hammer Time Clinic 

Swine Outstanding Exhibitor Awards Program

  • 2024 Outstanding Swine Exhibitor Award Criteria
  • 2024 Outstanding Swine Exhibitor Approved Events

Swine Outstanding Record Books

  • The Outstanding Record Book Awards are designed to recognize youth that take time to thoroughly complete their records books adding in details and financial, feed, and health records from throughout the entire project including final market auction price and calculating their profit or loss for those taking market projects.  Youth wishing to have their record books judged should turn them in to the Extension Office by September 27th.  Awards are presented at the Fall 4-H Recognition Banquet.
  • Market Swine Outstanding Record Book Award Rubric

Swine Junior Fair Information

  • 2024 Pre-Fair Letter / Reminders (will be available in early September)
  • 2024 Swine Barn Penning Chart (will be available in early September)
  • 2024 Electronic Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF)
  • State Fair Premise ID Factsheet

Swine Committee

  • The Wayne County 4-H / FFA / Jr. Fair Swine Action committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and carrying out the swine program in consultation with and under the authority of OSU Extension and the Wayne County Agricultural Society (Senior Fair Board)
  • Our 2024 Swine Committee is made up of the following individuals: Jody Bair (Chair), Elise Miller, Molly Devore (Secretary), Kelton Bair, Laurie Tarleton (JFB Advisor), Tim White, Jason Hastings, Carl Way Jr.( Vice Chair), Frank Workinger, Brittany Moser, Brad Stull, Makenzie Harmon, Katie Wharton (JFB Advisor and FFA), Diane Johnson (OSU Extension), Mike Gerhart (Senior Fair Board) and Sean Donley (Senior Fair Board) and Junior Fair Board members Kellen Aiken, Brielle Burchett, Emmalee Connelly, Makenna Commelly, Delaney Dudte, Carter Foxx, Lacy Ramsier, Lala Ramsier, Alexia Ridenbaugh, Brooklyn Tarleton, Luke Walenciak, Olivia Warren, Austin West and Emma West.

Wayne County 4-H Swine Facebook Group

Be sure to join our Wayne County 4-H SwineFacebook Group where we share reminders, announcements, and other educational content related to the 4-H Swine program.  Check us out on Facebook at: